Logiciels géolocalisés

Géo Stat est une solution fiable de relève de compteurs en toutes situations, même en milieu hostile (chaleur, humidité, poussière, zones reculées… ). Géo Stat permet la transmission des données en temps réel et la géolocalisation : précision et gain de temps pour une relève de compteurs tous fluides et tous secteurs.

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...reliable, in ALL situations.

Ergonomically, the terminal makes it easy to enter consumption indexes. Robust, it is resistant to harsh environments (shock, dust, extreme temperature, immersion…). Powerful, it exploits GPS signals everywhere outdoors, with a precise location.

GeoCliks partnership with Famoco makes it easy to deploy business applications on secure Android terminals that can be remotely controlled from a platform, the data collected remaining the property of the customer.

Famoco OS works with an Android Open Source Project (AOSP) version intended for the safe use of business applications.

The OS is designed to leave no digital traces.

No Wi-Fi or 4G ? The data are stored locally, until detection of a connection, even intermittent, they are automatically transmitted to the server.

More quality = savings !


An abnormal consumption ? An inconsistency between the previous counter position and its current location ? The reliever agent is instantly alerted. Many input errors, counters ….and billing are avoided!


A disagreement ? The photo brings the substantiation of the consumption or the state of counter (broken, buried, moved…).

Time saved

The data are saved in real time or as soon as a connection is detected. The reliever agent no longer needs to return to an agency to transfer them. A wired PC synchronization feature however exists.

Geolocation makes it possible to visualize the tours of reliever agent and to optimize them.


A leak ? The problem is identified without delay, the end customer is quickly informed.

A problem ? Real-time geolocation alert teams and they can intervene immediately.

Real Time

The GeoStat solution uses RevaTech technology from the Minka Group (www.groupeminka.com)

Ready for the
revolution IoT* ?

GeoStat  can ensure  DriveBy  and WalkyBy,
remote reading in real time.

Geo Stat relies on a network of suppliers of connected objects

LoRaWAN 3G/4G/5G Bluetooth
Sigfox Wifi Low Energy

GeoStat in video

From meter reading to real-time data analysis,
view all the features of GeoStat.

GeoStat adapts to all environments

Heat, humidity, dust, remote areas: GeoStat solution works whatever the conditions are, even in hostile environments…

All fluids

GeoStat enables water, gas and electricity meters to be taken over. Real-time evaluation of consumption favors better management of resources.
A necessity today, everywhere on the planet and particularly in some geographic zones.

All industry sectors

GeoStat is designed to adapt to any company that wants to increase performances through the tracking of geolocated data in real time: security, mobility, industry…

GeoStat  & iA

New Artificial Intelligence Module developed and integrated in Niger for automatic detection and extraction of the index consumption, serial number and automatic classification of the elements of the photo (New Model or Old Model Counter, No Counter, Closed Door… ..etc ).


Testimonial from the Director of Performance / CIO:

What are your intentions on activating this feature on the various recovery centers for February?
« Given the success of the OCR test in Niamey in 01/2021, we agreed to install it in all the centers. »

GeoStat already in Niger


René MATILLON • Managing Director • CEO Niger


Managing Director • CEO Niger

Location-based software

Geo-Stat is a reliable meter reading solution in all situations, even in hostile environments (heat, humidity, dust, remote areas). Geo-Stat allows real-time data transmission and geolocation: precision and time savings for meter reading all fluids and all sectors.

145 Hameau du Mas Bertrand
12430 Villefranche-de-Panat • FRANCE


+33 6 61 45 57 62
+33 6 15 43 28 67